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Baltic Amber and Rose Quartz Teething Necklaces

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Amber Bead Shape: Oval (Baroque);

Gemstone Beads: Rose Quartz (Pink) and others;

Necklace Weight: ~7 g (32 cm);

String: Pink (Polyester 100%);

Closure: Plastic Clasp (Screw);

Bead Diameter: ~3-5 mm (Baltic Amber), ~6 mm (Rose Quartz);

Rose Quartz gemstone is easily recognized by its lovely pink color. The shade of pink for this gem can vary from dark pink to very light. Some Rose Quartz stones can appear even as if they are white. Completely transparent Rose Quartz pieces are very rare. Mostly they are slightly cloudy, which results in deeper color.

Rose Quartz is abundant and as a result not too expensive gemstone. Large deposits of this pink gem can be found in countries like Brazil, India, Namibia, South Africa, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and others. It happens that some pieces of this gem have Asterism (Chatoyancy) or Cat’s Eye effect. These visual effects are due to traces of small titanium crystals in Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz can be effectively used to clear out negative feelings like jealously and anger. Eliminating these negative emotions can result in less tension, anxiety and stress. Due to its color, it is common to refer to Rose Quartz as a crystal for love. It is frequently used stone for opening Heart Chakra for love. This can be not only romantic love, but also love for yourself or family. Taurus and Libra are zodiac signs for Rose Quartz.

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Baltic Amber and Rose Quartz Teething Necklaces.

Inventory Last Updated: Oct 24, 2021
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