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Habanero Fireworks Salt

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Habanero Fireworks Salt
Another in our line of fusion chile salts our Habanero Hot Salt is perfect for those that crave the fruity heat that only a top quality Habanero can deliver. This hot salt will add some surprising flavor to your burgers, chicken, veggies, potatoes, pizza, steaks, homemade sausage, rice, wings and even salads.

Our Habanero Fireworks Salt is destined to become a best seller and can be used anywhere you use salt (except for baking of course - unless of course you want a smokin' hot pie). We like using this more as a finishing salt for the most kick but you could also use it like a rub for items you want to grill. In our test kitchen it was also a big hit on some chili fries!

A word of caution - we highly recommend that the first few times that you use our Habanero Fireworks Salt you should follow the rule of "use less you can always add more" until you're comfortable with its fiery intensity. This is probably around an 8 out of 10 on the heat scale so it packs a punch.

What's In It?
Hand blended from sea salt and organic habanero chile powder.

Our exclusive line of USA Seasonings are ALL NATURAL and contain NO PRESERVATIVES. USA Seasonings custom blends are made in small batches by hand. All of our seasonings come with a freshness guarantee. Our seasonings are made right here in the USA.

The Habanero Fireworks Salt is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 25, 2021
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