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Scout - Foldable aviator sunglasses

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Wolt folding sunglasses with blue lenses and black frame and our leather case.

Our folded aviator sunglasses

Scout is our version of aviator sunglasses but with a twist. The sunglasses are foldable and fold down to only 2 cm. Our aviator sunglasses include grey lenses, however, the lenses are interchangeable so you can decide what color you would like your lens to be. All the lenses are polarized and give your eyes great protection, no matter if you are using them out in the sun or while using the computer.

This popular model had to be a part of our Eclipse series as they are always modern and never go out of style. Aviators are a classic, we just updated them by adding folding frames to make them easier to bring with you and harder to break. The aviator was originally made for pilots, they were made to protect their eyes while flying. However, they were made available to the general public after World War II and they quickly became popular since anything military was trending after the war. Ever since then, this classic pair of frames have been in fashion. They have been worn by icons like Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury.

Comfortable & light weigh folded aviator sunglasses

The frames come in four different colors, gold, rose gold, gun metal and black, which makes it easy to find a pair that will match your jewelry and personal style. Our aviator sunglasses are light weight as they weigh only 15 g which makes them comfortable to wear on your face, they are designed to have a great fit as well. With our innovative way of changing lenses you can customize your own aviators to suit your style. When you purchase our aviator sunglasses you also get a case which includes an anti-lost function so that you never lose your new glasses. The anti-lost function is a Bluetooth device which you can use by installing an app in your phone, if you accidentally leave your sunglasses, the app will notify you.

*All Scout models come with grey lenses. You can also buy additional lenses.
All our different color of the frame for Scout Aviator Folding sunglasses.
Specs for our foldable sunglasses aviator style named Scout

The Scout - Foldable aviator sunglasses is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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