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Pet Video Verify Supplies
Pet Video Verify Supplies is an application/service within Pet Video Verify that is focused on bringing pet caretakers and animal caretakers with the best products, best prices, and best customer service which will ultimately allow the pet and animal caretaker better manage their pets/animals.  We carry a wide range of products to help the pet/animal caretaker do one-stop shopping.  Our motto is "If You Are Happy Then Your Pet Is Happy And If Your Pet Is Happy Then You Are Happy!"  We strive to make this motto your motto through the products we carry.  This is a part of the broader vision and mission of Pet Video Verify.
Pet Video Verify
Our core technology is using our video identification for lost and found pets. A person will take a video of a found pet and our system will match the found video to the lost video of the pet, returning the owner information. The user who list a pet lost can select a reward amount, when a user finds the pet and returns it, they receive 85% of the reward amount. Another application is for the pet owner to store pet medical records online in which they will have 24x7 access to. Our long term vision is to create additional applications to solve pet owner needs.
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